Urban farmers offer urban migrants various services, including agricultural techniques, rural culture and vegetable recipes.

  1. Professional farmers will thoroughly teach you how to grow delicious vegetables from scratch!
  2. The farm will provide you with supplies and equipment so that you can readily begin farming.
  3. You will grow safe, delicious, fresh vegetables with your own hands that you can eat.
seasonal vegetables

  1. Each member (pair) is assigned a parcel of farmland (This does not apply on some farms)
  2. The types of vegetables that members grow are predetermined
  3. Farmers teach members how to farm.
  4. Farms provide members with seeds, seedlings, equipment, etc.
  5. Members can harvest and take home vegetables grown on their parcels of farmland.

Pricing:¥40,000–\60,000 annually, ¥3,000–\5,000 monthly

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